Hi my loves 

I have been wanting to write this post for some time but I just couldn't find the right words. When I started off in the make-up world (not too long ago) I was only looking for a hobby or to just perfect some skills for personal use. I have always been more into dressing up and looking nice hence why it fitted right in. 

However I had never thought I would be where I am, I still have soooooo much to achieve but at the moment I'm happy with how far I have come in so little time. The people I have met and who have become real friends, there are those that support me and allow me to progress further. 


Starting of, it was quite intimidating when others were better but that only kept me going. I carried out research for quite sometime in regards to who would be the best person to train with and who will support me even after the course period.


During the time I was setting up my website and doing all market research I started to imagine where I would like to see myself. This gave me motivation to be so great at the art, I had become so passionate that I wanted to be the best I could be. I knew this is something that would not  happen over night but I kept trying and I still am. I'm so happy to have found this power inside of me that keeps me going. I have put everything into building myself and my brand and nothing is going to stop me.


MORAL OF THE STORY: If there is something you enjoy or have ever wanted to try, go for it because you never know where it might take you. It may be the greatest decision of your life as it is mine!


GG X