Ok, lets be honest.. We all tend to get a little lazy after a long day at work. I used to be someone who was full of excuses to avoid going to the gym, however I have now found a new love for working out and attend the gym at least 4 - 5 times. Here are 8 tips to get your ass moving to the gym! 


1. Turn your fitness goals into social goals

So I'm in competition with my brother and sister to see who becomes the fittest before we all head off to Vegas. Even though we're in a "competition" we still support each other in making sure we are eating the correct foods and going to the gym frequently.

2. Eat breakfast

This helps by giving you energy to keep you going throughout the day. I would recommend porridge or oats, add fruit for flavour.  

3. Keep your lunch light  

 Stay away from heavy lunch meals as it can slow you down and make you sleepy. Prepping your lunch at home ensures you are sticking to the right foods. Try Chicken breast and Broccoli with Spinach or whichever vegetables you prefer.

4. Technology

Set reminders, add it to your Calender. By doing so you can plan your day wisely ensuring you can fit time in for a workout and other daily activities. 

5. Pack a snack

keep a light snack for in-between meals. I would recommend fruits as they are sweet but still healthy and this way you can meet your 5 a day target. 

6. Change into your gym clothes before you the leave the office

Once you're ready you have no excuse and as you're already on the go you wont' start to feel lazy. 

7. Fitness with friends    

Workout with friends as they are able to motivate you and keep you going when you start slacking. I workout with my sisters and we set up circuits, play our favourite music and get going. 

8. Set the bar low

Don't be so hard on yourself! Just tell yourself you can fit in a quick 15 - 20 mins workout and once you're at the gym you may want to stay longer. It can be daunting to think you are going to be at the gym for hours as that can be off putting after a long day of work.